Lintasarta Supports Badung Regency Government Launches the Largest Command Center

22 Nov 2018

Badung – Lintasarta again proved its commitment to succeeding the government program through the implementation of smart cities in Indonesia. This time Lintasarta supports the Badung Regency Government inaugurating the Badung Command Center and Data Center on Friday (11/16/2018) at the Badung Regency Government Center, Bali.

The procession of the inauguration of the Badung Command Center and Data Center was conducted by the Regent of Badung I Nyoman Giri Prasta. Also attending the event included Deputy Regent of Badung I Ketut Suiasa, Regional Secretary of Badung Regency I Wayan Adi Arnawa, head of Badung DPRD, representative of the Regional Police (Polda) of Bali Province, and President Director Lintasarta Arya Damar.

Badung Regent I Nyoman Giri Prasta said the construction of the Badung Command Center and Data Center facilities as the foundation for implementing smart city in Badung Regency.

“The Badung Command Center and Data Center facilities will become the center of monitoring & controlling as well as the commitment of the regional government in providing transparent, fast, definite, and cheap services to the community,” he said.

President Director Lintasarta Arya Damar said it was an honor to be able to work with the Badung Regency Government in providing command center facilities and data centers with the most advanced technology.

“It is a pride to get trust in the construction of command center facilities which are the largest in Indonesia by involving the best technology and experts,” Arya said.

The development process of the Badung Command Center itself began in 2017 in the central government of Badung Regency and is located in a building that has a building area of 5,184 square meters and consists of three floors. The Badung Command Center facility with the existence of a spacious building and Video Wall with 27 Display Panels each measuring 70 inches is the largest facility in Indonesia.

For the command center infrastructure using the Borderless Video Wall RGB Laser Technology system with the latest architecture that is capable of displaying visuals that are more comfortable and sharp in any lighting. Lintasarta is also ready for the future to support the optimization of the use of a cloud-based Command Center Platform that can integrate various applications and data of local government.

Lintasarta Smart City Solution

Lintasarta as an ICT Total Solutions provider presents a comprehensive smart city solution starting from the provision of master plans, ICT infrastructure, data integration between regional device organizations (OPD), smart city applications, change management, and socialization.

In order to improve the quality of public services, each region requires an application of Citizen Request or a public complaint as well as a Video Analytics solution to improve the security and comfort of citizens. Video Analytics solutions can maximize regional IT infrastructure such as CCTV for monitoring and law enforcement functions in the community.

CCTV will be integrated with intelligent computing components that can identify various characteristics not only for humans but also objects such as various types of vehicles to vehicle license plates.

“CCTV video data needed will be quickly obtained and can be immediately analyzed, for example areas or roads that often occur traffic violations or criminal acts,” said Arya.

City or district governments can also maximize revenue from various sectors such as tourism through the utilization of City Living applications. This application will provide information related to tourism destinations, culinary, weather information, itineraries for local and foreign tourists, to purchase tourist tickets and hotels online.

To maximize the agricultural sector, Lintasarta also provides a Smart Farmer application that helps local governments interact with local farmers and agricultural experts to increase the knowledge and sales value of farmers’ agricultural products. All of these solutions will be supported by reliable communication networks with various access media such as fiber optic (FO) to VSAT and the support of experts throughout Indonesia.

In the end, through the Lintasarta Smart City solution, demonstrated Lintasarta’s commitment and seriousness in supporting the implementation of Smart City towards Smart Nation in Indonesia.

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