Lintasarta wins Secure SD-WAN Excellence Award

5 Aug 2020 | Irma Yani

Jakarta, 5 August 2020 – Lintasarta, an Information and Communication Technology total solutions company, has been accredited by Fortinet for Secure SD-WAN Excellence Award on Monday, 3 August 2020. The event of “Virtual Partner Connect 2020” was held to appreciate the excellent performance of Fortinet’s partner throughout 2019.


At this event, Lintasarta was again named as the SD-WAN service provider with the best security system in the Secure SD-WAN Excellence Award category by Fortinet. Known as the leader in the firewall market according to Gartner, Fortinet is a cybersecurity solution provider based in California, United States.


The award achieved by Lintasarta further proves the reliability of Lintasarta Managed SD-WAN which has implemented the Stateful Firewall as a basic aspect of this solution. This has made more than 4,000 Lintasarta Managed SD-WAN networks with prime security systems that can help customers get the latest, fast and reliable SD-WAN solutions, and protect the internal infrastructure from cyberattacks.


“Lintasarta Managed SD-WAN is a comprehensive solution that will not only be providing network infrastructures, devices, human resources, monitoring, and maintaining, but also securing the network as this solution has encrypted by default with IPsec, and also has received several recognitions through certifications from Gartner and NSS Labs,” said Arya Damar, Lintasarta President Director.


Arya added another security feature that complements the Managed SD-WAN solution from Lintasarta is Unified Threat Management (UTM). By adding the UTM feature, customers will be able to manage various security functions such as antivirus/anti-malware, web filtering, firewall, and so on from one place. “By using Lintasarta Managed SD-WAN, customers can implement a cost-efficiency strategy and change Capex to Opex, as well as get a 99% Service Level Agreement (SLA),” said Arya.


The award given by Fortinet has added to the list of awards that Lintasarta has received in the previous years as well as a form of international recognition for the reliability of Lintasarta’s solutions. Besides, this award also signifies the best quality and level of Lintasarta’s services to more than 2,400 customers with 45,000 Lintasarta networks across Indonesia.


Lintasarta will continue to innovate and be fully committed to helping the development of the IT industry in Indonesia. Especially in these difficult times due to the pandemic and the transition to the New Normal, Lintasarta is ready to assist every industry and support the government in recovering the economy in Indonesia.