Consistently Performing Digital Innovation, Lintasarta Wins Two Awards in the TOP Digital Awards 2022

19 Dec 2022 | Siti Aidah Fitri

Jakarta, 15 December 2022 – Lintasarta, an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) total solutions company, received 2 (two) awards simultaneously for implementing digitalization in companies from the TOP Digital Awards 2022 organized by ItWorks Magazine. The awards won were TOP Digital Bintang #4 and TOP Leader in Digital Implementation 2022 which were officially accepted at the awarding session at the Raffles Hotel, Jakarta (15/12). Held annually, the TOP Digital Awards 2022 event is attended by more than 1,000 of the best companies & government agencies in terms of implementing and utilizing digital technology throughout Indonesia.

Lintasarta received the title of “Very Good” (4 Stars) regarding ICT governance (policies, organization, implementation of systems and procedures) which are implemented consistently. The implementation of digital technology is considered successful, and its use is integrated in almost all divisions/work units, having a significant impact on company performance, customer service and society.

The second award that Lintasarta received was TOP Leader in Digital Implementation. This award was given to Arya Damar as President Director who is considered to have a high commitment in supporting the completeness of the system, governance, and the successful implementation of digital innovation in the company. The acceptance of this award was also attended by Feby Ferdinan Syah, IT Corporate General Manager of Lintasarta and Ade Kurniawan Corporate Secretary General Manager of Lintasarta.

“We are grateful that our efforts to implement digitalization that have been built over the years are appreciated by the public in the form of the TOP Digital Awards. Of course, we would not have reached this point without the support of all our employees, partners, and customers,” said Arya Damar, President Director Lintasarta.

In the assessment session, Lintasarta was considered very good at applying the Enterprise Architecture approach in encouraging the application of digitalization in companies. Feby Ferdinan Syah, IT Corporate General Manager of Lintasarta, said that Lintasarta uses the Digital Maturity Level to measure the extent to which digital transformation has progressed. Efforts to achieve the Industry 4.0 or Society 5.0 level in the company are then seen from four (4) aspects, namely applications, infrastructure, IT security, and cloud apps:

  • Application: Application of Data analytics, Robotic Automation & Ultimate ticketing management for complaints management & preventive maintenance of Lintasarta’s infrastructure;
  • Infrastructure: Digital Workplace Collaboration that supports the Lintasarta work scheme, work from anywhere.
  • IT Security: Implementation of zero trust architecture in Lintasarta systems in stages, as well as implementation of endpoint, mail & cloud app security based on XDR (Extended Detection and Response); as well as
  • Cloud App: Cloudeka and Cloud Service Portal (IAAS, SAAS) for customers that can facilitate the process of subscribing, provisioning and monitoring services.

“We hope that these awards will add our spirit in Lintasarta to innovate and provide the widest possible benefits for society in the field of digital transformation,” concluded Arya.