This is how Lintasarta commemorating National Customers’ Day 2020

4 Sep 2020 | Lintasarta

Jakarta, 4 September 2020 – Information and Communications Technology (ICT) total solutions company, Lintasarta, celebrating National Customers’ Day by supporting customers to achieve their business goals especially during these unprecedented times. With more than three decades of experience, innovation and collaboration have become the keys that Lintasarta hold to give the best experience for customers, partners, and other stakeholders.


“Service improvements have not only been done during the National Customers’ Day. Every year, Lintasarta gives its best to provide and improve the best service to customers and develop new solutions that can be useful to satisfy their needs,” said Lintasarta President Director Arya Damar.


Several activities that Lintasarta has been doing to celebrate National Customers’ Day 2020 are giving free upgrade of Flash SSD Storage for Lintasarta Cloud Services customers, free upgrade of Internet bandwidth for Lintasarta Internet Dedicated customers, curating webinar series with the topic of Stability in The Storm to offer solutions with technologies from Lintasarta to help companies to compile economic recovery plan, and many other activities.


Arya added customers are one of the stakeholders who hold important roles in the Lintasarta journey for over 32 years. Lintasarta will continue to innovate and be fully committed to helping the development of the IT industry in Indonesia. Especially in these difficult times due to the pandemic and the transition to the New Normal, Lintasarta is ready to assist every industry and support the government in recovering the economy in Indonesia.


Coinciding with Harpelnas 2020, Lintasarta also celebrates the 2nd anniversary of the launch of Lintasarta Contact Center 14052. The renewal service to the single number of Lintasarta Contact Center 14052 is opened to receive complaints of interference and non-interference, including interruption services, billing information, product information, and information on delivery status. With this single point of contact, it is hoped that customers will no longer need to have trouble contacting Lintasarta when they want to make reports or when they need information related to Lintasarta.


Some positive feedback from customers such as NTB Syariah Bank, Permata Bank, Sinarmas Bank, PGN Saka, and Cargill have been received by Lintasarta as service assessments during the New Normal. All of the above customers simultaneously stated that Lintasarta has excellent service and is able to cater to their needs.


In addition to that, Lintasarta appreciates the customers who have been making their time available to participate as a speaker in the series of a webinar that has been conducted since June 2020. These customers are BTPN Digital Banking Vice President Soelistyo Rudi Sanjaya, PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife Chief Customer Officer Faisal Nasution, PT Pertamina Hulu Sanga Sanga ICT Manager Rizal Purwanto, Head of Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) Dr. Ir. Hammam Riza, M.Sc., and Head of West Java Province Communication and Information Agency Setiaji, S.T., M.Si.


Lintasarta would like to thank more than 2,800 customers spread across more than 45,000 Lintasarta networks throughout Indonesia who have entrusted Lintasarta as a partner in meeting the technology needs of customer companies. “We will continue to innovate to meet customer needs by presenting reliable technology solutions for various types of industrial sectors,” concluded Arya.


All directors and employees of Lintasarta wish you a happy National Customers’ Day 2020 to all Lintasarta customers to be more successful, forefront and continue to innovate in synergy for Indonesia.