Be The Headline at Marketing Magazine, Lintasarta Marketing & Solution Director, Ginandjar Alibasjah Explains Tricks to Ensure Technological Innovations are Accepted by the Market

25 Nov 2022 | Siti Aidah Fitri

Lintasarta had the opportunity to hold a discussion session with Marketing Magazine for the November 2022 issue represented by Lintasarta’s Marketing & Solution Director, Mr. Ginandjar Alibasjah. Together with a number of high-ranking officials from other companies in the technology sector, the interview session discussed the role of leaders in the field of technology product development in building digital leadership in companies.

Lintasarta as a company engaged in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Total Solutions strives to prepare solutions for customers and ensure that they meet their needs so that the solutions are acceptable and effective in helping customers run their business. This was conveyed by Lintasarta’s Marketing and Solution Director, Mr. Ginandjar in an interview session which was also presented in the form of an article in a section of the magazine.

Furthermore, Mr. Ginandjar added that in order to achieve a positive customer experience, consistency is needed to establish good communication and interaction between the Lintasarta team and its customers. The Marketing & Solution Director at Lintasarta is responsible for making decisions in technology development, while ensuring the alignment of technology strategy with company goals.