Having Interview at Bali Post TV, Lintasarta Presents a Number of Programs to Support the Development of the Digital Industry

8 Dec 2022 | Siti Aidah Fitri

In the midst of technological developments, the potential for the digital industry will be increasingly wide open. This means that there will be a drastic increase in the need for workers in the digital sector in various industrial lines, which are not only concentrated in big cities, but throughout the country. For this reason, the availability of a reliable and competent digital workforce is continuously needed to meet the needs of the industry which continues to grow and support digital transformation in Indonesia.

Equal distribution of digital literacy is one of the keys that will later support improving workforce skills and realizing digital transformation. Lintasarta as a company engaged in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Total Solution field, has a mission to drive the realization of Indonesia’s inclusive digital transformation through various programs, one of which is the CSR program “Lintasarta Cloudeka Digischool”.

Not only providing a free curriculum with global certification, Lintasarta Cloudeka Digischool also provides free cloud computing technology support that can be used by program participants as a container for various applications that have been made during the program. In addition, Lintasarta Cloudeka Digischool also acts as a forum for sharing knowledge related to the world of computer programming with experts.

Lintasarta’s role in supporting digital development was discussed in a talkshow session with the Bali Post TV editor which was attended by the Corporate Secretary General Manager, Mr. Ade Kurniawan and East Indonesia Regional General Manager, Mr. Firdaus. Watch the full video on the Bali Post TV YouTube channel below.