Success Story of President Director Lintasarta, Arya Damar Exclusively on Investor Daily

16 Dec 2022 | Siti Aidah Fitri

President Director Lintasarta, Arya Damar, shared his success story exclusively with Investor Daily, one of the leading media outlets in Indonesia that focuses on capital market, investment and economic news. He recounted the beginning of his career journey until he was able to lead the Information and Communication Technology company or ICT Total Solution, Lintasarta.

Success is usually interpreted as achieving the peak of one’s career. Success is also usually identified with the material. However, Arya Damar has his own definition of success. For him, a person’s success is not determined by position or wealth, but by the benefits he gives to others.

Leading Lintasarta for approximately 8 years, Arya Damar believes that the key to Lintasarta’s success is a strong teamwork. By holding the PRIDE culture, namely Professional, Reliability, Integrity, Dedication, and Excellent. Whenever encountering problems in the work process, dialogue and two-way communication between teams is a top priority. He often tells the team not to give up easily, because difficulties and hopelessness will always be there. However, that is what must be fought and conquered.

“We never know where our limits are if we don’t try to overcome challenges that seem impossible. From many previous experiences, I believe that good results almost always come from having the courage to face unusual challenges,” said Arya Damar, President Director Lintasarta to Investor Daily.

Check out the full meaning of success and career journey of Arya Damar in the December 5, 2022 edition of the Investor Daily, which can be downloaded below.

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