Support the prevention of COVID-19 spread, Lintasarta Developer Talk moved to Online Series

15 Apr 2020

Jakarta – In an attempt to follow Indonesian government’s call for limiting day-to-day activities outside the home to reduce the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), all Developer Talk activities which are a concatenation of Lintasarta Digischool program will be diverted to Online Series or conducted over the online platform, effective since March to April 2020. Developer Talk is the integration of a coding scholarship awarding program to 3.200 students or alumni of Vocational High School (SMK).


“We have already made a plan to implement this event in 9 big cities in Indonesia. So far, we have successfully conducted a live event in Bandung, Medan, and Makassar. However, due to the government’s call and we would like to give our full support to contain coronavirus transmission, we decided to shift Developer Talk online and is started from 19 March to 22 April,” said Ade Kurniawan, Lintasarta Corporate Secretary General Manager.


There will be no changes, in terms of the procedure of the Developer Talk Online Series. All participants could follow the class exactly based on the informed schedule. “Days, dates, and hours are still the same as before. All participants could register through the same link or website and they will still be given the certificates,” he added.


As an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company, Lintasarta will keep its commitment to enhancing the growth of the IT industry in Indonesia. By implementing the Lintasarta Digischool through online series, Lintasarta hopes they could interfere to yield new young programmers who are ready to compete in the digital world today.


Ade said that as of today, the needs of programmers in the IT industry are the priority and are needed in a quite large amount. However, the availability of such personnel in Indonesia is not sufficient amidst the rapidly developing technology. He aimed this initiative could become one of the solutions to prepare young programmers ready to work.


“But we will ensure this has to align with the effort of the government to avoid the dissemination of COVID-19 by urging people to work from home (WFH) and study from home (SFH). Therefore, we will keep seeking another alternative so the scholarship awarding program could be done without having to conduct Developer Talk in the live event,” said Ade.


Lintasarta Digischool invites all SMK students and alumni with the maximum age of 29 who have an interest in IT to join by giving them several choices of scholarship scheme through online learning class that will include a beginner curriculum for Android Applications and Web Programming. Meanwhile, the expert class for 200 chosen participants will get international standard certifications from Dicoding (Google Developers Authorized Training Partner) as Lintasarta associates.


The entire learning and consultation process are carried out online, it is hoped that all participants can learn at their convenience without having the limitations of space and time. Aside from becoming a place to share knowledge related to the digital world especially Android, the Lintasarta Digischool program and Developer Talk are also simultaneously used as information channels to introduce Lintasarta among the younger generation.


Lintasarta Digischool Scholarship will take place from 24 February – 30 April 2020 for beginner classes and 8 May – 4 September 2020 for expert classes. For more information regarding the Lintasarta Digischool program, please visit Digicoding website and on Lintasarta social media (IG: @ Lintasarta.official; FB: Lintasarta.official; Twitter: @lintasarta; LinkedIn: Lintasarta).