Awarded from Frost & Sullivan, Lintasarta Smart City Becomes the Best in Indonesia

30 Nov 2018 | Arif Wicaksono

SINGAPORE. Lintasarta won an award of Indonesia Smart City Infrastructure Service Provider of the Year 2018 category from the 2018 Best Practices Awards on Tuesday (11/27) in Singapore. This award was received at the event organized by the global consultant Frost & Sullivan, ensuring Lintasarta Smart City’s position as a reliable and globally recognized service.

The 2018 Best Practices Awards event is held annually for the best companies in the Asia Pacific from various industrial sectors. Assessments from Frost & Sullivan analysts were carried out independently by looking at the advantages of several performance indicators such as revenue growth, market share, and stock growth, leadership in product innovation, as well as marketing and business development strategies.

President Director Lintasarta, Arya Damar, said, this award is an honor for Lintasarta who has worked hard and innovated in helping various regions in Indonesia implement Smart City technologies. “This award is the proof of Lintasarta’s seriousness in providing the best service, especially in helping various cities and regencies in Indonesia implement technology to encourage improvement in public services and public welfare,” Arya said.

Shivaji Das, Partner & Asia-Pacific Managing Director of Frost & Sullivan said, the 2018 Best Practices Awards event was held to respect and recognize companies that have encouraged excellence and progress in the Asia-Pacific. “We are pleased to highlight the best implementation and respect for companies that have excelled in their respective industries. Through this recognition, Frost & Sullivan hopes that selected companies will continue to excel and spur them to further achievements,” Shivaji said.

Currently, Lintasarta has served more than 2,000 companies in more than 30 years and since 2016 has focused on supporting the government sector and consistently serving government agencies such as ministries, institutions and public bodies including 76 cities/districts throughout Indonesia. This number is increasing and becoming a pride for Lintasarta to contribute in efforts to advance and prosper the nation.

“For example, Lintasarta’s contribution is to provide a connected network using fiber optic (FO) media to all regional equipment organizations (OPD) in Temanggung Regency Government, making operational and service activities more efficient, transparent, integrated and sustainable,” Arya said.

Lintasarta is also an official partner of the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemkominfo) in the success of the Movement to 100 Smart City program in Indonesia. Lintasarta’s contribution by attending various regions together with the Ministry of Communication and Information provided education and oversaw the stages of implementing smart city appropriately and quickly.

Lintasarta Smart City

Lintasarta Smart City is an end-to-end solution, which has six stages of implementation ranging from masterplan creation, ICT infrastructure, data integration, smart city applications, change management, and socialization. Through the master plan, it is possible to identify issues and potential for effective network communication with various media such as optical fiber (FO) to VSAT and various experts throughout Indonesia.

With the stages of integrated data integration in one platform, it will facilitate related department / SKPD relations. Plus the smart city application that will meet public service needs that can be tailored to each of the needs of each region. The stages of change management provide internal socialization assistance to the government so that everyone has the same mindset and vision for Smart City, which is adjusted to the city or district regulation.

Lintasarta also offers a variety of complete information needed for projects such as Digital Signage (Videotron), Wifi, and SEO Social Media Activation. All of these solutions will be supported by reliable communication networks with various access media such as optical fiber (FO) to VSAT and various experts throughout Indonesia. In collaboration with Lintasarta each region will be helped not only to the level of service but to the impact and improvement felt by the local community.

In the end, through the Lintasarta Smart City solution, demonstrated Lintasarta’s commitment and seriousness in supporting the implementation of Smart City towards Smart Nation in Indonesia.


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