Collaborating with Lintasarta Cloudeka, Lintasarta Cloudeka Digischool CSR Program Frees Cloud Services for Program Participating Communities

18 Oct 2022 | Siti Aidah Fitri

Balikpapan, 18 October 2022 – Lintasarta held Lintasarta Developer Talk #3 from CSR Lintasarta Cloudeka Digischool on Tuesday, 18 September 2022 in Balikpapan, which was opened by the Vice President of Kalimantan Area Lintasarta Budi Hermanto. Lintasarta Developer Talk is a developer gathering activity in the context of socializing CSR Lintasarta Cloudeka Digischool, as well as a forum for sharing knowledge related to the world of computer programming with experts. This program not only provides a free globally certified curriculum, but also free cloud computing technology services supported by Lintasarta Cloudeka, which can be used by the program participants to store various applications that have been created during the program.

According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the adoption of cloud computing technology in Indonesia, especially in public institutions, is generally still relatively low. In fact, CSIS research findings state that cloud services can contribute up to IDR 35 trillion to the Indonesian economy. CSIS also calculates that increased productivity from using cloud in the public sector can create around 95 thousand jobs.

“Along with the increasing need for various business entities to go digital, cloud services are one of the crucial features. High-quality cloud services can improve the quality of a business entity that previously only relied on manual processes to become more effective and efficient digital processes,” said Lintasarta’s General Manager Corporate Secretary, Ade Kurniawan.

The increasing need for cloud is supported by Lintasarta through cloud services tailored to domestic needs. Lintasarta Cloudeka, as a cloud service from and for Indonesia, has the Deka Prime feature which is equipped with a VMWare-based virtualization system for infrastructure-based services (IaaS). In addition, Cloudeka also has the Deka Flexi system as an Infrastructure as a Service system whose features are similar to Hyperscaler and Deka Box as a storage medium based on Object Storage. Apart from that, there is also Deka Vault, which is a Backup and Disaster Recovery System, and Deka Premium, which is a personal cloud computing service. For platform-based services (PaaS), Cloudeka has a Deka Harbor service or container as a service which is supported by Redhat Openshift technology. And for software-based services (SaaS), Cloudeka has Deka APM which functions as a service to monitor application performance. These features were created to support the needs of industries of various scales, from corporations to MSMEs, including novice developers who want to use cloud services.

Ade also said that this year, the use of cloud services from Cloudeka has been adjusted to the full- stack developer curriculum and profiles of potential participants. “We understand that improving IT skills cannot only be fulfilled by the curriculum, but also the supporting infrastructure is needed. For this reason, we provide cloud services from Cloudeka to help participant friends maximize the application of the knowledge provided during the program. The hope is that there will be more tangible benefits for fellow program participants,” he said.

Since its launch on September 9 2022 in Surabaya, the total number of participants who have registered for the Lintasarta Cloudeka Digischool CSR program has reached more than 20,000 participants. As one of the largest cities in the central region of Indonesia, Balikpapan has great potential as a region that contributes to digital talent in Indonesia. Lintasarta Developer Talk #3 in Balikpapan, which thoroughly discussed the potential for using the cloud for developers and business entities from various backgrounds, is expected to boost more applicants, especially participants from Balikpapan and its surroundings.