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    To make business easier for our clients by providing information and communications solutions that work solutions that improve performance, boost competitiveness, save money, increase productivity, open up new opportunities, and fuel growth.

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    Lintasarta Cloud Service

    The rapid and far-reaching development in contemporary business requires more secure data management with highly flexible technology if innovation is to be supported and achieved. To meet the increasing demand and provide smooth business processes, companies must allocate huge amount of Capex annually to purchase or upgrade/add application/software and install their own network infrastructure systems.

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Makin Efisien dengan Cloud Computing

Friday,  05 September, 2014  


Hal baru umumnya sulit di terima. Tetapi begitu kita merasakan kelebihan dan kemudahannya, hal baru itu akan menjadi bagian dari aktivitas kita yang sulit dipisahkan. Itu juga yang terjadi dengan cloud computing di Indonesia.

Solusi ICT, Dorong Daya Saing Industri

Monday, October 20, 2014

Makin Efisien dengan Cloud Computing

Friday, September 05, 2014